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ISLAND hosts architectures and architects which, while rooted in the local, are capable of constructing projects that form part of the global discourse.

Scoglio di Spinazzola © Chasper Schmidlin

Islands, finite, enclosed spaces: the limit as condition and presence, as unifying moment. Small worlds in some cases extended by repetition: the archipelago, at times an architectural metaphor.

Islands traditionally raise two issues:

First, the priority of nature as an argument. On the continuous horizon of the sea, the figure unfolds with all the rhetoric of the landscape: mountains, rocks, trees, vegetation … these will be the materials that construct the image.

Second, human presence in the activity of construction, until recently limited by the possibilities (scarce) and the impossibilities (large). Examples of astuteness and symbiosis with the environment. Versions of the vernacular. In the past.

Now we have to add the transformation brought about by tourism and modernity. Cosmopolitanism versus endemism.

Appearing in this instalment  of Transfer, populated by the mists of characters like Crusoe, Friday, John Silver, Verne and his mysterious island, the Island hosts architectures and architects who, while rooted in the local, are capable of constructing projects that form part of the global discourse.


28.Jul.2016 4567 views
Josep Lluis Mateo Josep Lluís Mateo

Josep Lluís Mateo (Barcelona, 1949). Architect ETSAB (Barcelona High Technical Architectural School). PHD (with honors) at the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). Professor em. Dr. of Architecture and Design at the ETH-Zürich (Swiss Federal institute of Technology). He has taught and lectured at leading academic and professional institutions. His practice, mateoarquitectura, is globally active and it aims to connect intelligence and artistic ambition with pragmatism and objectivity. It has won many prices and awards; his body of work has been worldwide published and exhibited.

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