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Transfer is a nonprofit organization which welcomes private or institutional donations to support the production and distribution of original, independent and high-quality architectural knowledge, addressed to a creative global audience.

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Global Architecture Platform


Ordering Tramadol Online, Cheap Tramadol Online

The TRANSFER Architecture Video Award  is an independent award, launched in 2019, to recognise the most creative and innovative short films in the field of architecture, city or landscape worldwide.
The Order 180 Tramadol Overnight attracted the participation of over 300 videos from more than 50 countries.
Video is becoming increasingly instrumental in analysing architecture and the human environment, and is directly related to the digital networks that underpin contemporary communication.
With the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award, we aim to highlight the contributions that best represent new means of knowledge and analysis of architecture using video as a support.


The main criteria are the short film’s contribution to exploring innovative ways of analysing and experiencing architecture, city or landscape, the relevance of the topic and its social impact, and a high standard of production.
Short films must have a maximum duration of 5 minutes and must have been produced within the past three years (2019-2021).


The award is global in scope and open to filmmakers, architects, artists, photographers or any individual or group whose video work is related with architecture, city or landscape.


Tramadol Online Legal, Director, Canadian Center for Architecture, Montreal
Ordering Tramadol Online Uk, Professor, Head Master Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago de Chile
Purchase Tramadol Online Cod, Principal Josep Ferrando Architecture, Director ETSA La Salle-URL, Director Centre Obert d’Arquitectura, Barcelona
Online Doctor Prescription Tramadol, Director Arc en Rêve, Bordeaux
Order Tramadol Online Mastercard, Professor for Landscape Architecture, ETH Zurich
Tramadol 200Mg Online, Filmmaker, Berlin
Tramadol Orders Online, Principal RMA architects, Mumbai-Boston, Professor and Chair Department Urban Planning, Harvard GSD
Tramadol Online Europe, Editor-in-chief, TRANSFER
Buying Tramadol Online Safe, Founder, Sotto Voce Fondation


The Award winner and honourable mentions will receive a TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2021 certificate. They will be published on the TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform and be presented in a public event in the Fall 2021.


Call for submissions: 1 April 2021
Submission deadline: 1 July 2021
Announcement of the finalist videos: October 2021
Award ceremony: November 2021


Entries will be submitted exclusively online to: www.transfer-arch.com/video-award-submission
Submission documents: original short film Full HD 1920x1080px, mp4, short film title and description, author’s contact details. Each participant can submit a maximum of two videos.
Submission fee: 50 €

Participation Terms

Please see the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2021 brief below.

Organisation & Contact

TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform
Oberdorfstrasse 8
CH-8001 Zurich
Order Tramadol Cod Online
Buy Cheap Tramadol


Supported by


Tramadol Online Overnight Uk          

Media partners


Tramadol Buy Online Canada       Order Tramadol Online Cod         Tramadol Online Fedex Next Day          Order Tramadol Online Uk        Cheap Tramadol Online Cod

Would you like to support the production of original, independent architectural content?

We are very grateful for your support!

Ordering Tramadol Overnight