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Art Barn

This short film is a discussion between father and son. Between the architect Thomas Randall-Page and the sculptor Peter Randall-Page, about the ‘barn’ Thomas designed as a studio and store for Peter’s work. In the intimate conversation the two talk about what it’s like to work so closely together and how the similarities in their two otherwise very different professions helped them create a building that is in itself part architecture and part kinetic sculpture. The barn took over 9 years to design and craft and is clear evidence of how architecture can benefit from being done slowly.


Art Barn
United Kingdom, 2020
Jim Stephenson

31.Oct.2021 1674 views
Jim Stephenson Jim Stephenson

Jim Stephenson has a degree in Architectural Technology, and after working in practice for several years both in the UK and US, he turned to photography & film making and has been working internationally ever since. He is the founder of the non-profit arts organisation Miniclick which has striven to eliminate the culture of gatekeeping in the art photography world for over 10 years. His work is hallmarked by a passion for community led projects, and a keen eye for human interaction with architecture and design, often reflecting the multi-sensory experience of spending time in the build environment. Jim’s award winning photography and films have a mediative documentary style, and he has cultivated a specialist practice which allows for fleeting moments of light, and people at play to be celebrated.

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