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Casa Gilardi

Casa Gilardi is the last house built entirely by legendary Mexican architect Luis Barragán. Now the home of Martin Luque and his family, the house was constructed after Barragán had formally retired.

The building, situated in Mexico City, is a classic example of the influential architect’s work—from the combination of the Mexican vernacular with European high modernism to his vivid, inspired use of primary colour—and is as much an abstract expressionist mood piece as it is a much-loved residence.


Casa Gilardi
Mexico, 2016
César Pesquera

19.Nov.2019 1894 views
Cesar Pesquera César Pesquera

César Pesquera never wanted to be a director but remembers very vividly as a kid going to open air cinema sessions with his dad. Now he passionately makes films, directs music videos and commercials, creates installations and writes. His work combines the grammar of cinema with a taste for conceptualization and visual experimentation. He likes to think about images, spaces, technology, perception, identity and time. His latest short film Santa Ana was selected in festivals around the world like SXSW, Sitges, Slamdance, Raindance or Interfilm. Now he is finishing his new short film Sanzu and working on a feature film.

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