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Embajada de Brasil

The Brazilian Embassy in Santiago (Chile) located on the main avenue of the city, witness of many riots and strikes, has been hidden with a blanket of omission through the years. The architects Ipiña Nieto project was focused on recovering the undoubted importance of Palacio Errázuriz, not only within the premises of the Embassy, but in the city of Santiago. As an opening act, the film presents the choreography of a thin layer of fabric that covers the quiet building, and starts to move, exposing the new and still spaces of the Embassy, with a simple action. The building embraces the spectator to discover the new life of the space.


Embajada de Brasil / Ipiña + Nieto Arquitectos
Chile, 2019
Luis Úrculo

22.Oct.2019 5051 views
Luís Úrculo Luis Úrculo

Luis Úrculo lives and works between Madrid and Mexico City. He was visiting professor and lecturer in Columbia University, UCLA, Danish Center for Architecture and an artist in residence at Casa Wabi (Oaxaca, Mexico), Tokyo Art & Space, Pivô (Sao Paulo), among others. His practice takes anthropology, archeology and criminology as a main reference of phenomenology to create lines of investigation based on the idea of reconstructions. He is interested on a redefinition of the possible tools, procedures and formats within architecture and the narrative of the ‘invisible’. He has been the co-director of the Master of European Design Labs at Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid, and since 2010 is the co-director & curator of Living room Festival.

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