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Grounded juxtaposes the generic and the specific in the context of the Malate neighbourhood of Manila. It explores the world from an individual’s point of view and while doing so, reveals a worldwide phenomena of changing neighbourhoods. The neighbourhood’s street level presents itself as a cultured, textured and somewhat timeless place with distinct elements of life and identity. When the camera rises and the view expands above rooftops, the perception of the city alters: an anonymous and generic megacity emerges of few cultural clues. Mrs Erlinda Paez represents a continuity of life in a dramatically altering neighbourhood. Her voice and presence reflects old Manila, encompassing the linguistic and social clues of the Catholic Spain, the international lifestyle introduced by the Americans as well as the unique Pinoy culture. Her house remains an understated and calm reflection of a personal history in an increasingly generic part of the city. And the narrative of her voice creates a historic context to the changing urbanity. What is not said becomes apparent through the imagery.


United Kingdom / Philippines, 2019
Tapio Snellman (concept, interview, cinematography and edit)
Film created as part of an artist’s commission at Calle Wright

31.Oct.2021 1681 views
Tapio Snellman Tapio Snellman

Tapio Snellman is a Finnish/Swiss filmmaker engaged predominantly in architectural and urban subjects. His work includes immersive film installations, documentaries, experimental 3D animation and site-specific film projections for museums, theatre, dance and opera.
He has engaged in collaborations with creators such as architects Herzog & de Meuron and Zaha Hadid, fashion designer Hussein Chalayan and choreographer Sasha Waltz. Trained as an architect, Tapio has taught filmmaking at schools such as the Architectural Association in London, the SCIARCH in Los Angeles and the ETH in Zurich.

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