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Linear City I

This video is an essay on the grid of New York City, and it is part of a video essay series on different aspects of the city (another submission to this award addresses the Subway). The objective of the series to confront the socio-spatial qualities of the city: how architecture, urban design, and infrastructure interact with the social fabric. The quasifictional format is a dialogue between a narrator and a subtitled questioner. Methods are inspired by the traditions of experimental film.


Linear City I
United States, 2021
Thomas Forget

31.Oct.2021 400 views
Thomas Forget Thomas Forget

Thomas Forget is an Associate Professor of Architecture at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and is the founder of Ciotat Studio, an interdisciplinary design practice based in New York City. His teaching involves design studios and research seminars that address the relationship between architecture and media. His practice covers a range of scales, including urban design, building design, multimedia installations, and video production. His publications include a book, The Construction of Drawings and Movies (Routledge, 2013), a journal article on the computing and information technology of mass transportation, and book chapters and reviews on a range of topics relating to media and the city.

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