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“NOISEPRINT – a sonic exploration in urban living space”, is a short audio visual essay focusing on the sounds produced by a residential tower block in East London. With an array of different microphones, I set out to capture the “voice” of the building, the clicks and growls continuously created by the building’s inner workings. Its vibrations, electric wiring, exhaust pipes, plumbing, etc, create a variety of sounds which permeate our living habitats. A Tower Block as a living organism.


UK, 2017
Virgilio Oliveira

19.Nov.2019 1215 views
Virgilio Oliveira Virgilio Oliveira

Virgilio Oliveira is an award winning sound artist and film-maker presently based in Prague. His current interests deal with the creative possibilities emerging between the intersection of Sound Art and Documentary Film. His work has been presented in numerous galleries and festivals worldwide both in audio and visual formats. He holds a BA in Sound Art and Design and an MA in Documentary Film by the University of the Arts London.

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