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Not By Bricks Alone

A documentary film, Not By Bricks Alone tells the story of the housing crisis that has gripped Dublin since 2008. Exploring the broader dynamics that have led to widespread homelessness, unaffordability and lopsided development in the city, a statistical montage animates the perspective of two influential figures in the current Irish housing debate. Contrasting the current lack of political will to provide affordable housing, the film reflects on the few, but proud, points in Dublin’s history where substantial development was undertaken by the city, despite the lack of financial resources available. Projecting an alternative future in response to the infamous claim made by the former chair of Ireland’s Housing Agency, that homelessness should be considered ‘normal’, Not By Bricks Alone envisions a public housing movement committed to sweeping its way towards change.


Not By Bricks Alone
Ireland, 2019
Archie Cantwell

31.Oct.2021 1855 views
Archie Cantwell Archie Cantwell

Archie Cantwell MAA ARB (London, UK 1992) is an architect, urbanist and visiting researcher at the Royal Danish Academy. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, his recent work in film has featured in the Architecture Film Festival London, the Copenhagen Architecture Festival and Dublin’s Housing & Ideology symposium. Now practicing at Gehl Architects in Copenhagen, Archie has previously worked with several award-winning practices in the UK including 6a Architects (London) and Sutherland & Co (Edinburgh). Archie Cantwell graduated from the University of Edinburgh, and received his masters from the Urbanism and Societal Change programme at the Royal Danish Academy.

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