Transfer Global Architecture Platform, is a new digital editorial project based on the production and transmission of architectural knowledge with the aim of connecting contemporary ideas and practices to build a global architectural culture.

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Transfer is a nonprofit organization which welcomes private or institutional donations to support the production and distribution of original, independent and high-quality architectural knowledge, addressed to a creative global audience.

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Global Architecture Platform

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TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform, is a new independent digital editorial project based on the production and transmission of original architectural knowledge with the aim of connecting contemporary ideas and practices to broad the global culture of architecture.

TRANSFER aims to be a global reference in the generation of leading architectural content, with the objective of becoming an international influence, both as a window for analysing the world, and as a microphone for participating in the global architectural discussion.

TRANSFER digitally publishes a series of monographs and monthly sections, aiming to explore new ways of showing and experiencing architecture with digital media.

Based in Zurich, TRANSFER is edited by a team with extensive experience in research and architectural edition, and relies on an outstanding network of collaborators worldwide.


2021. Swiss Art Awards. Category: Critique-Publishing-Exhibition | Finalist

2017. LAUS Awards. Category: Online Magazine | Silver Laus

2016. Digital Magazine Awards. Category: Launch of the Year (new title) | Highly Commended

2016. Digital Magazine Awards. Category: Editorial Team of the Year | Finalist


Tramadol Online Mastercard, Order Cheap Tramadol Overnight


Josep Lluís Mateo
Partner & Editor

Barcelona, 1949 
Dipl. Arch. Ph.D. “Cum Laude” ETSAB
Professor Dr. em. ETH Zürich

Principal mateoarquitectura

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Isabel Concheiro
Partner & Editor-in-chief

Santiago de Compostela, 1976 
Dipl. Arch. ETSAB  REG A
Scientific assistant ETHZ-EPFL (08-14) Lecturer HEIA Fribourg

Concheiro de Montard architectes


Anna Hotz Semadeni
Partner & Marketing Manager

Zürich, 1979 
Dipl. Arch. AAM  SIA
Scientific assistant ETHZ (2011-14)

Principal Hotz & Hotz Architekten

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Ramias Steinemann

Zürich, 1976
Dipl. Arch. ETHZ  SIA
Scientific assistant ETHZ (2006-14)

Principal SLIK Architekten

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Editorial Board


George Arbid

BArch Libanese Academy Fine Arts
Ph.D. Harvard University
Associate Professor of Architecture, American University of Beirut

Director Arab Center for Architecture

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Krunoslav Ivanišin

Dipl. Arch. University of Zagreb
Ph.D. University of Ljubljana
Professor Architectural Design, University of  Zagreb


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Gloria Moure

MA Art History, University Barcelona
Ph.D. University of Barcelona
Art historian, Curator and Editor

Associate Editor and Director 20_21 Collection, Ediciones Polígrafa

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Nader Tehrani

BArch Rhode Island School of Design
MArch Harvard GSD
Dean and Professor Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, Cooper Union

Principal NADAA, Boston

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Erwin Viray

MArch Kyoto Institute of Technology
Ph.D. University of Tokyo
Professor and Head of Architecture Sustainable Design Pillar, STUD

Global Excellence Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology (2011-16)

Advisory Board


Adrian Bührer

Digital entrepreneur & Consultant
Founder Panaman- Corporate & Start-up Innovation
CEO Swiss Life Lab

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Andries Diener

Partner Asia Green Real Estate
Board member Swiss-Chinese Association

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Chaja Lang Diener

Art Historian
Gallery director BolteLang, Zürich
Cultural attachee Swiss Embassy London (2004-07)

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Translation & Proofreading

Elaine Fradley
David Smith


Soraya Barbero



Arnau Pascual

Former collaborators

Laurence de Preux
Marisa Muscionico
Klaus Platzgummer
Chrysanthi Sfarna



Would you like to support the production of original, independent architectural content?

We are very grateful for your support!

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