Transfer Global Architecture Platform, is a new digital editorial project based on the production and transmission of architectural knowledge with the aim of connecting contemporary ideas and practices to build a global architectural culture.

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Transfer is a nonprofit organization which welcomes private or institutional donations to support the production and distribution of original, independent and high-quality architectural knowledge, addressed to a creative global audience.

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Global Architecture Platform


Thematic essays on contemporary architectural ideas and practices.


Natural Conditions 3/3

MOUNTAIN, the third TRANSFER's Monograph on Natural Conditions, explores the relationship between architecture and landscape in environments of extreme topography.

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Natural Conditions 2/3

ISLAND hosts architectures and architects which, while rooted in the local, are capable of constructing projects that form part of the global discourse.

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Natural Conditions 1/3

Embarking on our journey with Transfer, the desert seemed to be a good metaphor for starting to recognise ideas, places and essential architectures

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