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Transfer is a nonprofit organization which welcomes private or institutional donations to support the production and distribution of original, independent and high-quality architectural knowledge, addressed to a creative global audience.

Order Tramadol Overnight Shipping

Global Architecture Platform
Sharing reflections on the current and future challenges for society and architecture

Tramadol Online Price, Order Tramadol Cod Overnight Delivery

The stopped present could be a good place from which to look at the near past and, most of all, the future.

To simplify, our recent world has been marked by the indisputable presence of neoliberalism and the presence of money as a value to reproduce, regardless of the product in question.

If our ancient tradition of social democracy as mediator between collective values and pure benefit was the relatively widespread scene of European architectural and urban practice, unbridled neoliberalism has recently become prevalent, constructing our landscape in terms of pure economic value, converting some ideas of our culture (generic, chaos…) into naivety or cynicism.

The halt called by coronavirus could mean a change.

Globalisation, the infinite opening up of the world (good for capital but, it seems, not so much for health), is another obvious question raised.

After the stoppage, how to continue? Although ours is one of the most primitive and basic human activities, a return to our origins, to the ancient, essential world, seems neither very attractive nor possible.

The ecological and sustainable arguments that are already very much present will surely continue. As well as, probably, the sociological arguments once again reminding us of the core value of our activity.

Both questions could put a definitive end to the media phenomenon of iconic architecture and the romantic-commercial myth of the architect as artist.

With the obvious risk that any assessment of purely architectural quality will disappear at the hands of the quasi-religious moralism of ecology or community.

TRANSFER NEXT aims to invite shared reflection on the new scene that coronavirus will probably usher in.

If you want to receive more information:

Go to Video Award

Would you like to support the production of original, independent architectural content?

We are very grateful for your support!

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