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Messages from Quarantine

by Niccolò Natali & Nikola Lorenzin

The short movie directed and produced by Niccolò Natali and Nikola Lorenzin for The New York Times shows the paradoxical relationship between physical distance and virtual proximity that arises in the current situation of confinement. The video explores the new interpersonal relationships that take place in the framework of our immediate physical space in four different neighbourhoods and housing projects in Milan. The first is the Barona district in the south of Milan. The second is Gratosoglio, featuring the White Towers designed by BBPR in 1963-1971. The third is the historical neighbourhood of Sarpi with Milan’s typical “railing houses”. The fourth is the Gallaratese district, with the Monte Amiata complex designed by Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Rossi in 1967-1972. The personal stories of the local people recorded in WhatsApp exchanges with the filmmakers create a strong dialogue with the distant view of their physical environment.

14.May.2020 3276 views
TRANSFERNEXT Natali Lorenzin Niccolò Natali & Nikola Lorenzin

Niccolò Natali (Pisa, 1989) graduated in Economics for Public Administrations and International Organizations at the Luigi Bocconi University in 2013. For the next three years he worked as a freelance consultant for De-Lab. Parallel to this he learned filmmaking by self-taught. In 2016 he made the documentary short film for VICE Portugal, ‘Onze Milhões’. In 2017 he directed the photography for the short film ‘Mia Sorella’ by Saverio Cappiello (2019), finalist of the David di Donatello awards 2020.

Nikola Lorenzin (Belgrade, 1989) completed studies in Renewable Energy Engineering between Pisa and London, and while working as an energy consultant in Madrid, he studied photography in the schools LENS and BlankPaper. In 2019 he directed the experimental short documentary ‘Space Memories’ with Lucas Muñoz, which forms part of the wider project ‘The Rocket Trail’.

They live and work in Milan. In 2017 they made together the documentary short film “Kuća”, presented at the 65 Martovski Film Festival. In 2018 they co-founded Santabelva, a collective of directors.

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The stopped present could be a good place from which to look at the near past and, most of all, the future.

TRANSFER NEXT aims to invite shared reflections on the new scene that coronavirus will probably usher in.

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