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A Story of a House

It’s a film that tells a story of a house being renovated on the initiative of an individual owner in Tokyo.Tokyo is performing constant change with the single‐family house as the main component of the city’s urban fabric. Within its abundance of highly individual homes at present, all local governments are recording a so far almost invisible phenomenon – vacancy. As renovation is still in its infancy compared to western practices, Tokyo offers considerable potential to young individuals, architects, planners to take action and create community. OGU MAG + is such a project. As part of the design team, we were documenting the process of transformation. The complete film is presently in the making and will be screened to the local community later this year, encouraging owners to take action and shape their neighbourhood with their power of citymaking. It can be any house of a million single‐family dwellings. Our gratitude goes to all participants in the project: Hideko + Terumi SAITO, Tomohiro ONUKI, Tochiku team and their talented craftsmen, Kazuhiro ASAMI, Yu NINAGAWA and Souta MORI.


A Story of A House 
Japan, 2021
Anne & Sebastian Gross

31.Oct.2021 730 views
Anne and Sebastian Gross Anne & Sebastian Gross

Anne & Sebastian Gross are architects and filmmakers from Berlin and founders of Studio GROSS architecture practice and experimental gallery space in Tokyo. Their short film ‘Yoshino Cedar House’ was among the finalists at the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2019. Currently, both are involved in producing a three-part video series for the CCA c/o Tokyo program conceived by Kayoko Ota. Since 2019, they have incorporated research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology into their projects, focusing strongly on renovation and rehabilitation of the local community. Both graduated from a travelling European Architecture program in 2012 that investigated eight cities under various planning, design, and artistic methods.

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