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Apateu investigates the impact of the high-rise as the predominant housing typology in Korea. The film explores the motives and imagery that creates the lifestyle associated with this building type as well as the relationship between this form of housing and the city. Under the pretext of progress, neighbourhoods are replaced with homogeneous housing developments, detached from the surrounding city.


Korea/Germany, 2019
Film Based Research: Jens Franke, Marius Helten, Leonard Wertgen

31.Oct.2021 654 views
Film Based Research

Film Based Research use the medium film as a research tool to observe their surroundings in order to understand the built environment of the city in its diversity and contradictions. They are intrigued by the beauty and parallelism of spatial concepts and are interested in linking these concepts to their social, political and historical context. Founded by Jens Franke, Marius Helten and Leonard Wertgen, the members of Film Based Research share a multidisciplinary background in art and architecture. Past research projects have been exhibited in the Studio X Mumbai, Goethe-Institut Rotterdam and the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

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