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Capela Ingá-Mirim

Ingá-Mirim chapel is situated on the outskirts of Itupeva, 80 kilometres from São Paulo, on a nineteenth-century estate. The project consisted in remodelling a former dwelling as a venue for various local celebrations of religious importance. The idea of remodelling is seen as an opportunity to reinterpret the existing construction, transforming it and giving rise to new relations between the project and the place. By means of an act of reflection, the former dwelling is dismantled and its materials salvaged to give it a new condition in the landscape. The construction process was carried out in conjunction with the estate staff, brothers Carlos and Charles. Together with them, we experimented with the reuse of materials from the old construction, applying their knowledge of building technologies. In this way, on the existing foundations, the project is based on three walls, built using stones from an old track leading to the estate. These three walls house a layout of different spaces.


Capela Ingá-Mirim
Brasil, 2019
Federico Cairoli

19.Nov.2019 1089 views
Federico Cairoli Federico Cairoli

Federico Cairoli is an architect and photographer (FADU-UNL). His photographic and audiovisual work focuses mainly on topics related to architecture, city and landscape. He has exhibited in photographic shows and national and international audiovisual festivals in many countries: Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Germany, Italy, South Africa and Austria. His photographs are published in different digital media and specialized magazines on architecture. He has been a guest lecturer in Workshops at the School of Architecture of the University of Talca (Chile), the National University of Córdoba (Argentina), among others. He has also developed his work as curator in Operación Rosa at the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez in Santa Fe (Argentina) and co-curator of the Argentinian Pavilion in the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2018.

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