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Four Friends in Poblenou

In this project of a block of flats for four friends in Poblenou de Barcelona designed by Lola Domenech and Thomas Lussi, the rear façade facing west is completely made with shutters, allowing infinite combinations. A piano accompanies us in this visual music.


Four Friends in Poblenou
Spain, 2019
Adrià Goula

31.Oct.2021 359 views
Adrià Goula Adrià Goula

Adrià Goula is an architect and architectural photographer. He graduated from the ETSAB-UPC Barcelona in 2000, worked in the offices of Miralles Tagliabue (EMBT) and Yves Lion, and began his professional career as an architectural photographer in 2004. His work has been published in numerous publications such as Frame, Mark, Arquitectura Viva, C3, Blueprit, Dwell, Detail, AIT, among others. He currently lectures at Elisava, Barcelona. His work has been exhibited in different art galleries in France and Spain, and his photographic series Re-Edificatoria was part of the Spanish Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale.

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