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Il muro cattivo
(The Common Wall)

Il muro cattivo is a docu-novel on the everydayness of living in semi-detached houses in Flanders (Belgium). The story is a narrative about the relation between ‘mean’ walls and their surrounding neighbours. Living apart together.

Il muro cattivo is based on the civil code of Belgium, in which lies the origin of the common walls, and all its societal implications. The docufiction shows a critical approach of a traditional living culture and its accompanying urban structure. It investigates in an ironical way the relation between space, living conditions and people’s habits.

The movie has been selected for the festivals Ciné Privé (Ghent, Belgium), International Film Festival (Leuven, Belgium), Arquiteturas Film Festival (Lisboa, Portugal), festival Miden (Kalamata, Greece), AVI Festival (Jerusalem, Israël), TWIXTlab (Athens, Greece) , AVI Festival Jerusalem – Israël, Strano Film Festival Capestrano – Italy, The exchange Gallery (Bloomsburg, US), CYFEST 12, (Brooklyn NY, US – Sint Petersburg, Russia).


Il muro cattivo (The Common Wall)
Belgium, 2015
Bram Lattré

20.Nov.2019 2232 views
Bram Lattré Bram Lattré

Bram Lattré (1983) graduated as urban planner and architect at the university of Leuven and Ghent (Belgium). After his studies, he founded the visual collective tBEDRIJF, where he primarily works with intangible materials as light, video or sound. He made light sculptures and interactive video-installations for several festivals throughout Europe and directed several short films in which he focuses on the relation between the human and his social-urban environment. His short film “Il Muro Cattivo” (“The Common Wall”) has been finalist of the TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2019.

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