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Making Spaces
Polling Places

The world watched as Milwaukee residents struggled to express their right to vote when only 5 polling stations of 180 remained open to serve a population of over 600,000 in this COVID-19 pandemic. The locations that remained open were not accessible to all neighborhoods. This is what voter suppression looks like. Communities, especially those without reliable transportation, need polling stations to participate in our democracy. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Milwaukee identified a need and took action. Three club locations have already been approved to serve as polling stations and we seek more prior to the November election. The clubs are trusted places for kids, parents, and the community. This civic gesture can be deployed in cities across the nation, and only takes the foresight to look at the current built environment and recognize the spaces already serving communities. Communities can use existing space to remove barriers and make it possible for everyone to vote.


Making Spaces Polling Places
United States, 2020
Spirit of Space

31.Oct.2021 376 views
Spirit of Space

Spirit of Space films are made through an obsessive process driven by a desire to disqualify the assumption that a single image can represent a project. Spirit of Space was founded by directors Adam Goss and RedMike in 2006 based on the belief that designers must take time to connect, communicate, and empathize with people outside the profession to add value to a place. Their filmography includes over 200 film shorts for architects and designers such as Jeanne Gang, Amanda Williams, Steven Holl, and Daniel Libeskind. Spirit of Space films forever document the contemporary experience of visiting the best design landscapes, buildings, and structures. Their films are exhibited in museums, biennials, and galleries, but in keeping with his belief that design should be accessible to everyone, almost all of their work is found online and distributed through educational lectures and public events.

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