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The video MigraTouriSpace is the result of the current art and research project by Stefanie Bürkle. MigraTouriSpace deals with traveling as an approach to the phenomena of migration and tourism. Migration and tourism research have for a long time remained largely attached to the ideal of sedentariness. Tourism was usually defined as a temporary break from sedentary daily life, and tourists were contrasted with an immobile local population. Accordingly, migration was seen as a temporary process of moving from one place of sedentariness to another, and only the conflicts between the migrants’ “brought culture” and the host society’s “locally rooted culture” received attention (Lenz 2010). The project MIGRATOURISPACE explores the overlapping of migration and tourism. Spatial migration means migration in which spaces migrate with people (Bürkle 2002). Tourism no longer means vacation as a state of emergency, but also experiences integrated into everyday life. The places selected as case studies in Korea and Germany, the Vietnamese wholesale center Dong Xuan Center in Berlin Lichtenberg, the German village Dogil Maeul in South Korea, stand for the field of tension between a migration of culturally coded spatial contexts and tourist practices.


Berlin, Germany, 2021
Stefanie Bürkle, Janin Walter, Ilkin Akpinar, Tae Woon Hur

31.Oct.2021 400 views
MigraTouriSpace Stefanie Bürkle & Janin Walter

Stefanie Bürkle is an artist and has been professor of fine arts at the Technical University of Berlin since 2009. Her artistic practice ranges from painting and photography to video and spatial installations. Art and research projects initiated by her explore themes such as “The City as Stage”, “Artificial Worlds”, “Façade – Architecture” and “Migration and Space”; some of these projects are Placemaking – Migration und Mauerfall (2009) or Migrating Spaces (2014-2016). By integrating artistic and scientific methods, these projects allow new readings of projection surfaces and the spaces behind them to emerge. Bürkle leads the art and research project MigraTouriSpace, a sub-project of the Collaborative Research Centre 1265 Re-figuration of Spaces.

Janin Walter is a Berlin-based artist who deals in her artistic works with urban spaces. She studied architecture at the Technical University of Berlin and spatial strategies in the postgraduate master’s programme at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. From 2010 to 2015 she worked in the Department of Fine Arts at the Technical University of Berlin with Professor Dr Stefanie Bürkle. In 2013/14 she was a visiting professor in Riga at the Faculty of Architecture of the RISEBA. She has been working for the research project Migrating Spaces 2015/16 and for MigraTouriSpace since 2018. Her role includes the coordination of the team as well as the recording and editing of the film material.

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