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“MITTENDRIN” (Engl: “Immerse”): a pine forest cabin nestled in the Brandenburg countryside, a forestry building in Eibenstock, and the Martin Luther Archives in Eisleben.
Short-film-version of a multiple-projection-20-minute-film-canvas, produced for Leipzig based architects Atelier ST’s exhibition tour in 2016/2017. Played as an infinite loop, without end or beginning, in different versions as multiple projections. It’s an introduction to three places, three buildings, three purposes.
The film is a visual and acoustic journey through the sites and buildings, in an attempt to portray the space and atmosphere of their architecture. Instead of taking the usual aestheticizing approach to architecture, the film highlights the buildings’ everyday use. A soundscape of mundane noises harmoniously complementing the buildings in a way that unfortunately seldom occurs in conventional architectural communication.


Mittendrin (Engl: “inmerse”)
Germany, 2016
Ertzui Film

19.Nov.2019 1125 views
Ertzui Ertzui Film

Ertzui Film is a group of filmmakers and photographers based in Leipzig / Germany.

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