Transfer Global Architecture Platform, is a new digital editorial project based on the production and transmission of architectural knowledge with the aim of connecting contemporary ideas and practices to build a global architectural culture.

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Transfer is a nonprofit organization which welcomes private or institutional donations to support the production and distribution of original, independent and high-quality architectural knowledge, addressed to a creative global audience.

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Global Architecture Platform
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Plaza Rakyat (English: Peoples Plaza) is a mixed-use skyscraper complex in Kuala Lumpur, the development was put on hold in 1998 due to financial difficulties. The building remains an unfinished state since then. The short film using 12 photos to destructed and reconstructed the time and space of the view of Plaza Rakyat.


Plaza Rakyat
Malaysia, 2018
Ong Sau Kai

20.Nov.2019 855 views
Ong Sau Kai Ong Sau Kai

Ong Sau Kai has a BA in Department of Radio, Television and Film from the Shih Hsin University, Taiwan. He is a Video/Film editor based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Would you like to support the production of original, independent architectural content?

We are very grateful for your support!

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