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The (Opressive) Fishtank Environment

London has given up a portion of its heritage in exchange for “the contemporary”. Billboards mirror the city’s desired image. They act as a catalyst to shape our opinion through processes of projection and idealization. This short video seeks to unveil such a reality using the advertising billboards as a canvas. In this case, the streets are trying to warn us, instead of indoctrinating us with the consumeristic object culture the city usually feeds us with. The (Oppressive) Fishtank Environment is an experimental piece, done by a composition of music and video art.


The (Opressive) Fishtank Environment
United Kingdom, 2021
Caterina Miralles Tagliabue

31.Oct.2021 390 views
Catarina Miralles Caterina Miralles

Caterina Miralles Tagliabue is a young architect from Barcelona who has recently graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture of London. Her work focuses on new media concerning the social and ethnographic field of design and our built environment. Her practice extends from articles and publications to exhibitions, one-to-one installations, and filmmaking.

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