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Provinciehuis of North Brabant, Den Bosch NL by KAAN Architecten.


Netherlands, 2016
Marcel Ijzerman

19.Nov.2019 932 views
Marcel Ijzerman Marcel Ijzerman

Marcel Ijzerman is a filmmaker and cameraman based in Rotterdam. After graduation at the KABK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts The Hague) he moved from fine arts to video production. Since 2013 he has produced and created architectural videos, product videos, event videos, independent videos and a mini-documentary. Also he has worked as a cinematographer, camera operator and editor for commercials, short films and music videos. During his studies he developed an interest for observing objects and spaces, trying to understand the way they are influenced by the movement of light and capturing their ambience. As a result my work reflected tranquility, simplicity and a bit of voyeurism. Today these interests still influence his work as video producer, either subtly or patently.

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