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Yoshino Cedar House

This entry is one out of four – a series that introduces a unique insight into Japanese architectural practice and therefore presents carefully selected projects by mindful acting creators. Each film is a juxtaposition of calm and steady observing views shot with a single 50 mm lens; the composition as the narrative.

#2 Yoshino Cedar House in Nara Prefecture, Japan – Go Hasegawa.
The miracle of the house results from the idea of the first Airbnb host cooperative. 31 community hosts decided on forming a cooperative where ‘the village is the host’. Profits are shared and a percentage is set aside for a Community Investment Fund that supports projects in the local community of Yoshino. alternating the hosts stay with their guests who arrive daily from around the world.

Co-created with Go Hasegawa and Airbnb, the Yoshino Cedar House explores how architecture can promote new relationships between hosts and guests beyond existing notions of domesticity and ownership.

The short film intends to show the ingenuity and simplicity of housing design and offers an uncommented insight into the basic uses and atmospheres one can expect when travelling there.


Yoshino Cedar House
Japan, 2017
Anne Gross

19.Nov.2019 2165 views
Anne Gross

Anne Gross is an architect by the Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus (2012). From 2013 to 2014 she joined gmp – Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners and KADEN+LAGER, Berlin. In 2016, she joined the DAAD Scholarship Program, Tokyo, and since 2019 she is PhD Researcher at TSUKAMOTO Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology and founded Studio GROSS.

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