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Canal Pavilion

Hasselt, Belgium 2014

One of many ideas I contemplate recently: rain falls from the sky, at times the rain irritates me, and then I desire a way to keep the rain off of my face, from ruining my books and from watering down my wine.

I like to think of what shape of roof best expresses this predicament of our desire to stop rain from coming into our houses. History offers us thousands of fascinating precedents and I wish to wholeheartedly continue the investigation.

Then – just because this might be a singular and strong impetus in the design of a house, I remain open to devote my care and attention to the development of all the other basic elements with a similar level of concentration – enriching the work with hundreds of interwoven, potentially contradictory patterns of consideration, thereby hopefully becoming irritating and finally attractive.


Open International Competition: 1st Prize

Collaborators: Liaohui Guo (Project Architect), James Jamison, Taiko Amont

Client: z33 House for Contemporary Art

Structural Engineer: Robrecht Keersmaekers

Furniture: Elmar Heimbach

19.Jan.2017 3612 views
Logan Amont

Logan Amont (Cleveland, USA, 1983) received a diploma, cum laude, from the Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio in 2014. Previously, he apprenticed as a gardener in Kyoto, and as a wooden-boat builder in New Hampshire. He has completed buildings and landscape projects in India and in Japan.

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