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Geometric Hot Springs

Coñaripe, Villarrica National Park, Chile 2009

17 slate covered pools of natural hot springs waters that flow in plenty along a mountain stream, in the midst of the native forest of the Villarrica National Park in Chile’s southern Lake Country, 450 miles south of Santiago.

Visitors may confidently stroll along a wooden footbridge and disperse to find a hidden pool to take a bath alone, or in good company with plenty of space to share or contemplate the wild natural surroundings.

The hot springs water is distributed to the pools through wooden conduits that run under the walkway and heat it, keeping it always dry and safe. Close to every pool there is always a pavilion built with local wood, with private bathrooms, locker rooms, and a deck to rest.

A big roof planted with wild grasses covers a large secluded space to stay by the open fire, look around in silence or have a relaxed conversation, a cup of tea, a glass of mineral water, or some deli sandwich. Or just enjoy the sunshine in the deck around. The constant movement of water and fire that always change, but go nowhere, appears in all its natural splendour, seducing everyone into a calm spirit.

They are named Termas Geométricas because it is a work of architecture built with strong primitive geometric elements that allows one to be captivated again by natural elements in the midst of the wild brutal nature.

The geometric architecture of the Termas makes it possible to see and enjoy the good side of the unexpected events of nature. Indulging oneself with this unique experience for the body and soul becomes a sensual rite of water and fire purification which enlightens our senses and arouses our imagination.


Collaborators: José Luis Ibañez G., Carlos Venegas B.
Area: 1280.0 sqm
Film:  Pablo Casals Aguirre
Music: Takashi Wada, Pilot Fish


30.Jun.2016 2936 views
Germán del Sol

Germán del Sol (Santiago de Chile, 1949) graduated from ETSAB in 1973. He established his own architecture studio in Barcelona from 1973 to 1979, and in Santiago de Chile in 1981. His main works are the Chilean Pavilion at Expo 92 Sevilla, the Hotel Explora and the Puritama hot springs in Atacama, the Hotels Explora and Remota in Patagonia, the Geometric Hot Springs in Villarrica and the Seña Vineyard in Aconcagua. Between 1988 and 1999, he founded and directed the project “Explora”, whose aim is to promote trips to remote places in South America. Between 2001 and 2008,he has been teaching at the School of Architecture of the University of Chile and in the Andrés Bello National University. He was awarded among others, the first prize in seven Latinamerican Architecture Biennials, the Arup World Architecture Award to the “Best Work of Architecture” and National Architecture Award of Chile in 2006.
30.Jun.2016 2936 views
Pablo Casals Aguirre

Pablo Casals Aguirre is a Chilean architect and photographer graduated with honors by the UNAB in 2006. He has worked in several offices in Chile, prior to establishing his own office of architecture, design and photography in 2009. He has been teaching at the UNAB / Campus Creativo, where he is currently in charge of the Cinema-Architecture Workshop «Voyeur City». Within the framework of the exhibition White Mountain / 20 years of contemporary Chilean architecture, his audiovisual work Punta Pite received a distinction at the 5th Budapest Architecture Film Days. His work has been worldwide exhibited, notably at GAM in Santiago, Uffizi Museum in Florence, IUAV in Venice, Aedes Gallery in Berlin, the London Design Festival, and the Venice Architecture Biennale.

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