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Tehran, Closed City

by Hashem Shakeri

From the series of videos produced by The New Yorker of cities all over the world during the COVID-19 quarantine, we have chosen to publish in TRANSFER NEXT the personal vision of Tehran by Hashem Shakeri. His short film explores Tehran from north to south, showing the special atmosphere of the city in lockdown and relating the emptiness of emblematic and usually crowded spaces, like the Grand Bazar and the Chamran Expressway, alongside the intimacy of a collection of personal daily life scenes. In his vision of Tehran during the health crisis, Shakeri uses the personal narrative and visual language that characterize his photographic work, depicting environmental and social crises in the contemporary world. Through an attentive look at the changes in the city and its daily life, Shakeri discreetly introduces himself, and us, into the intimacy of a closed city and its bewildered inhabitants, revealing different signs of the life that continues apparently unnoticed, almost suspended, but ever present.

11.Jun.2020 2108 views
Hashem Shakeri Hashem Shakeri

Hashem Shakeri is an artist, photographer and filmmaker based in Tehran. He began practicing photography in 2006 and started a professional career in documentary photography in 2010, working on commissions and private projects in Iran, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, France, Denmark and Germany. One of his major concerns is the psychological investigation of human relationships in the contemporary capitalist world. By capturing restlessness, perplexity and social struggle, he records the optical unconsciousness of the society and provides a universal narrative form with a personal insight. He has received numerous awards such as the POYi’s World Understanding Award 2017, Lens Culture’s Emerging Talents Award 2018 and Getty Images Reportage Grant 2019. His work has being shown in many museums, festivals and biennales such as Rencontres de la photographie in Arles, Paris Photo, Cortona on the move, Visa pour l’image, Lumix Festival, and have been featured in numerous publications such as British Journal of Photography, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Paris Match, Aperture, Reporters Without Borders, Courrier International, and Der Spiegel.

The stopped present could be a good place from which to look at the near past and, most of all, the future.

TRANSFER NEXT aims to invite shared reflections on the new scene that coronavirus will probably usher in.

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