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Lieptgas, Flims, Switzerland, 2012

The refugi Lieptgas stands where a former wooden structure served as a shelter for farmers. In front of the hut, a small path leads into the forest of Flims, next to the sculpture of a hollowed dead woodpecker tree. Opposite there is a stable, together they are forming a kind of gate into the forest. Both buildings – cabin and stable – were abandoned, about to decline. The formerly inhabited part of the ensemble could have been converted and replaced by a new construction. The character of the place had to be preserved.

The new hut now stands as a petrification of the abandoned structure in exactly the same place. The timber log constuction of the old cabin was used as the formwork, the walls were cast massively in insulating concrete. The surface is rough, the nature will soon reconquer the artefact. The archetype form of the house defines the space of the upper floor. A fire place in the backwall, an eating area at a window with a view into a clearing of the woods, a small kitchen, a heated concrete bench from which one looks through a round roof light into the crown of a big beech tree. A sinuous staircase leads to the underground. Here, in silence, one sleeps. A big rock dominates the space, crepuscular light falls throughout the gap between rock and house. In front of the window, a bathtub incorporated in a big heated concrete plinth. A door leads outside.

21.Apr.2016 4433 views
Nickisch Walder

Selina Walder made her diploma at the Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio with Valerio Olgiati in 2004. From 2004-2006 she taught as an assistant at his chair for architectural design. Since 2004 she is working independently in her own office in Flims, since 2005 together with Georg Nickisch. Georg Nickisch studied at the Prince of Wales institute of Architecture (UK), the University of Bath and made his degree in architecture at the Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio with Peter Zumthor in 2005. From 2007–2013 he taught as an assistant at the chair of Jonathan Sergison. Currently he teaches as a guest professor at the HEAD Geneva.Their office has been awarded several prizes for various projects, among which the new auditorium building at the Plantahof Landquart, and the chancellery of the swiss embassy in Nairoby.

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