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Grand-Métis, Quebec 2014

ROTUNDA is an elemental garden, based on an atmospheric and poetic perception of materials, light, plants and the passing of time.

The design was inspired by historical garden pools and water bowls, circular architectures as the Pantheon, land art interventions in forests as well as natural elements, like rock pools or plants with leaves that collect water as the Umbilicus Rupestres.

Conceived as a device capturing the beauty of nature, the intention is to transform the surrounding landscape into the garden itself by capturing what is outside its boundaries.

Water is used as a raw material to create a reflecting surface. The container is simply a frame that suspends water above the ground: a homogenous black object, assembled in a direct way, minimizing the expression of assembly joints and the contact with the ground.

The garden is to be filled with water at the beginning of its life and left to evolve over time, becoming a climate register device. Over time, the garden will accumulate leaves, dust and pollen, be inhabited by birds and insects, leading to the cultivation and growth of new life within the garden.

It will be sensitive to changing light conditions, fluctuations in temperature and humidity, rainfall and evaporation, allowing visitors to reflect on the passing of time and the experiential qualities of the place.


International Design Competition: First prize

Client: Reford Gardens – Les Jardins de Métis
Collaborators: Carlos Comendador
Fabrication: Patrique Côté, Reford Gardens

08.Feb.2016 3965 views

E S T A R is an architecture and landscape practice established in 2011 by Aurora Armental Ruiz and Stefano Ciurlo Walker. The practice operates across a wide range of scales from furniture to landscape, focusing on delicate work for buildings, cities and territories of historic and cultural value.
Their work seeks for clear ideas, strategies and details that are closely linked with place, use and construction. The practice has won several international architectural competitions, including first prize in the competition for the transformation of a XVIII century horse riding hall in Geneva into a civic building.

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