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Fonte Luminosa

Lisbon, 2015


A temporary structure built inside the Fonte Luminosa (Luminous Fountain) in Lisbon makes it possible to go inside it, through the fountains and waterfalls, in an interaction with the sculptures, water, light and sound.

The structure is presented as an idea of transition to another reality. For the rediscovery of a known place, now experienced in a more complete way, covering all the senses of our body, in an experience that is meant to be total.

The result is a dynamic scenography, materialized in a simple wooden structure, of an ephemeral nature, opposed to the density of the fountain’s stone materiality.

The choreographies generated in this scenario are spontaneous and diverse:. acts of discovery, contemplation, surprise… but above all, actions from the willingness to share the experience.

21.Mar.2016 2863 views
Marcelo Dantas

Marcelo Dantas is an architect who graduated from the Universidade Lusiada in 2003. From 2003 to 2013 he collaborated in the offices Atelier Central, Idom/ACXT and Costa Lopes Arquitectos. He developed his own architectural practice OSMD together with Olga Sanina from 2003 to 2014, and he established Marcelo Dantas Arquitectura in 2015. He is assistant professor at the Universidade Lusófona ULHT since 2013.

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